Why DIY Bathroom Tile Installations Are A Bad Idea

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If you’re looking to test your creativity, DIY activities or do-it-yourselfers are excellent opportunities. They can also be therapeutic and a great means to overcome economic constraints. However, not all home improvement projects can be done effectively through a simple DIY. Some projects require skill and training to be completed swiftly and economically.

One project that many people think is cool and easy to DIY is retiling their bathroom floors. But in reality, this is far from true. If you think your floors need to be retiled and have decided to do it yourself, you have a lot to consider before renting equipment and getting yourself into an irreversible mess. To give you an idea of what could go wrong without proper training or complete knowledge of the job, the experts at Martella Tiling Services Inc. have put together three reasons to showcase why DIY bathroom tile installations are a bad idea.

1. It’s expensive to redo
If you attempt to install your bathroom tiles yourself and are unhappy with the result, a tile setter will charge you to remove the tiles you installed in addition to installing new tiles. Removing tiles may also cause damage to your drywall or the subfloor, which may need repairs, thus only adding to your expenses.

2. The tiles could crack or shift
If you do not install a proper subfloor underneath the tiles, they may crack. To fix this problem, you may have to remove all of the tiles, repair or replace the subfloor and install new tiles. Also, if you do not use enough cement underneath the tiles, they may crack or shift. Again, this may result in the tiles having to be replaced.

3. There could be a shortage of tiles
If you do not purchase enough tiles, considering there will be a waste for cuts or angles, you may not have enough materials to finish the project. As a result, it is essential to always consider purchasing a few more tiles for any tiling project. Similarly, you need to remember that tiles can break upon impact, so it’s best to have more tiles.

Do things right - Hire a professional

If you plan to DIY your bathroom tile installation, you must have the ability to measure a space accurately for the layout of the tiles, install a subfloor underneath the tiles, and adequately install the tiles. If you do not have these key attributes, it’s best to enlist a professional tile setter

A professional will have the necessary knowledge to execute your project properly. They will correctly measure your space, determine how many square feet of tile is required, and figure out the best layout for the tiles in your bathroom. A professional tile setter will also be able to ensure the space is ready for tiles by installing a suitable subfloor or drywall on walls to ensure the tile installation is done correctly.

Professional tile installers usually charge clients per square footage of tile to be installed, the size and layout of the tile, and the materials required. If you’re looking to reduce the costs of your tiling project, you can let your tile setter know, and they will accordingly help you choose more budget-friendly options.

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