Common Mistakes People Make When Installing Tiles

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Tiling is an incredible home improvement project that improves not only the aesthetics of your home but also its functionality. Similarly, tiles are a cheaper alternative to other flooring materials, they come in a variety of styles, and they are incredibly durable, even in places of high traffic.

However, if floor tiles are installed without sufficient knowledge and preparation, besides uneven floors, you could end up with numerous problems that affect you daily and cost a fortune to fix. Incorrect gout applications, poor calculations, and uneven subfloors are some basic errors that many first-timers make during a DIY, which often leads to inadequate and irreversible outcomes.

To help you avoid these and other situations that could prove to be costly, Martella Tiling Services Inc. has put together a list and explained some of the most common mistakes people make when installing tiles.

1. Not preparing a solid subfloor before installing tiles
Most people don’t know how much a weak subfloor will impact their tile installation. A subfloor should be sturdy, clean (vacuumed and free of any debris), dry, and secured to the joists underneath.

2. Leaving too many empty spots underneath the tile when installing the tiles
There must be enough cement under the tile to ensure there is no air pocket or empty space underneath it, especially under the corners. Air pockets or empty space can cause the tiles to crack.

3. Not buying enough tiles on account of considering an extra percentage for waste
When installing tiles, some will need to be cut to fit the space being worked on. This needs to be acknowledged when determining how many square feet of tile must be purchased. The suggested percentage to consider for waste is ten to fifteen percent. Generally, the larger the tile, the more waste there will be.

4. Applying gout incorrectly
People generally make mistakes when applying the grout. Some use the grout when it is too liquidy. While others let the grout either dry too much or not enough before washing it off. There are also cases where people use the wrong type of grout for their joint size. A bad application of grout can quickly ruin a beautiful tile installation.

To avoid these and other mistakes while tiling your floors, reach out to the experts at Martella Tiling Services Inc. As professional tile setters based in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, we provide quality and professional tile installation services for both residential and commercial buildings. We have several years of experience as professional tile setters, and we pour heart and soul into every tile installation project that we take on. Moreover, we strive to ensure that every customer is satisfied with the solutions we provide.

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