Frequently Asked Questions About Tile Installation

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Many homeowners are considering tiles as a versatile flooring option for their walls, floors, countertops, etc., due to its resilience and affordability. However, while trying to find more information, clients have a ton of questions about the tile materials, installation services offered by a tile setter, and pricing, but may find answers difficult to come by. 

If you’re looking for tile installation services but are hesitant to take the next step, Martella Tiling Services Inc. wants to clear all your doubts and arm you with the most accurate information by answering five of the most frequently asked questions about tile installation.

1. What size tile should I use?
Choosing a tile size depends on several factors – the size of the room, the pattern the tiles will be installed in, any design/pattern on the tile, the shape of the tile and the overall visual effect you want the tile to have. Considering these factors and many others will help you choose the appropriate size of tile for your space.

2. Do you provide free estimates for my project?
We are proud to provide free estimates for your project. We believe in being as upfront and transparent about the cost of our services as possible.

3. Why should I hire a tile setter instead of installing the tile myself?
We recommend hiring a professional tile setter to ensure the best quality installation for your project. You will see the tiles every day, and you want to ensure the installation looks the best it possibly can. As professional tile setters, we also remain current on new trends and products that can be used in a tile installation.

4. What colour grout should I use?
To choose the best colour grout, bring a sample of your tile to the hardware store and hold it against the colour of the grout on the bag. This will help you envision what the colour grout will look like next to the tile. You also have to decide if you want a grout colour that blends in with the tile colour or stands out from the tile colour. For example, black grout for white tile would stand out while white grout for white tile would blend in.

5. When should I install tiles during a renovation?
It is recommended to install tiles after the room has been primed but before painting the room the desired colour.

If you have any more questions about tile installation, get in touch with the experts at Martella Tiling Services Inc. We provide residential and commercial tile installation services in the entire Georgian Bay region. We install quality tiles for new and custom-built homes, renovations, bathroom, and kitchen remodeling so we can cater to your every tiling need. To learn more about our services, please click here. If you have any questions about tile installation or how we can help you, contact us by clicking here

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